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הפריט האחרון
מוניטור אולפני אקטיבי צבע שחור KRK ROKIT 5 G3
מוניטור אולפני אקטיבי צבע שחור KRK ROKIT 5 G3
מחיר: 641 ש"ח

רון עמר

 Ron Amar 001

I'm Ron Amar,

I've been playing the drums for 21 years.


drums for me started through a marching band orchestra where I've learned my basic tempo and discipline for the instrument,
my influences as I was growing up varied from different approaches such as gospel, jazz and advanced polyrhythmics.
I have realized that I can advance my playing individually on a drum set.


Through the years, I've been playing with a few local Israeli bands, playing exreme metal.


Nowadays I play for the band "Ferium" putting my gospel chops, and jazz fills into exreme music.


"Ferium" has returned from a European tour with bands like "The Agonist" and "Threat Signal" in last October.
This Spring, Ferium will release their debut album "Reflections" worldwide through "Transcend Music Records" (UK) and will go out on a second European tour with the bands "Uneven Structure" and "Hacride".


I play Pearl Reference drums, pro mark drum sticks, and Paiste cymbals.


Ron Amar

 Ron Amar 002